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Why Keychron makes the best Mac Mechanical Keyboard?

Why Keychron makes the best Mac Mechanical Keyboard?

Dorothy Huang |


 If you are a Mac user who spends hours typing everyday, it's important to find the Mac keyboard that suits your needs - whether that's a mechanical keyboard that provides a satisfying tactile feedback or a keyboard packed with media controls and macOS shortcuts. 

However, there are not a lot of different Mac keyboards options on the market. Most are membrane keyboards, such as the Apple Magic Wireless Keyboard.

If you ever tried to Google mechanical keyboards for Mac, you’ll soon notice that there’s really not that many options out there. Most of the mechanical keyboards are designed for Windows and gamers.

Additionally, finding a wireless mechanical keyboard that is compatible with Mac was extremely difficult before the Keychron keyboards came out since most available Mac mechanical keyboards were only wired. The Keychron keyboards are one of the only wireless mechanical keyboards made specifically for the Mac. 




Keychron keyboards offer the same features you'd expect from Mac. It has all the Mac function keys that you want with the same command option keys layout that Apple users are used to. It also offers a specifically designed Siri and screenshot key.

All Keychron keyboards come with a full set of Mac-specific keycaps and a switch to let you choose between the 2 configurations, even for European ISO versions too. Since there is a big difference between Mac and Windows ISO layout, many keyboard manufacturers won’t provide additional corresponding keycaps to switching between these two operating systems, but Keychron does. Keychron provides as many as 18 extra keycaps to switch between them flawlessly. 

The Keychron keyboard product line also offers several different layouts, from the 65%, to the 75%, to TKL, and of course the full size keyboard, we got you covered. 

Also, it is convenient for users who have multiple devices. You can connect to three devices at once, and it works both wirelessly and wired using the USB-C cable. Last but not least, Keychron’s normal profile product line also has the biggest battery ever built for a keyboard, 4000mah to be exact.

So, if you are a Mac user, just give Keychron keyboards a try. You will be pleasantly surprised.