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Keychron keyboards Video Review - July 2020

Keychron keyboards Video Review - July 2020

Dorothy Huang |


Keychron K1 V4 Keyboard Review! —— by Wonk   Jul 7, 2020


"It's my first mechanical keyboard. I think this is very well priced and very well built keyboard."






Exclusive First Look! Keychron K8 Unboxing and First Impressions —— By Switch and Click      Jun 16, 2020


“It is a BEAUTIFUL keyboard and a joy to use.” 







Keychron K2 Red vs Brown Gateron Switches —— by Shirley Lane     Apr 25, 2020


"This is an affordable keyboard with wireless and wired options and it is very versatile and that allows you to easily switch between three devices via bluetooth." 






Keychron K6 65% Mechanical Keyboard (Hot-Swap Edition) Review & Modding       Aug 1, 2020


“If you're looking for a mechanical keyboard that has great support for mac and windows and a good battery life over bluetooth this one is a great option."






The Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac - Keychron K6 Review (One Week Later/ Sound Test)   by Peace Gates     Apr 18, 2020 


"When I'm typing on the stuff or when I'm writing essay I didn't have no issue
I think the Bluetooth connection of this keyboard is pretty good.
I think they are pretty well made."