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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2021

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2021

Paul Tan |

My UN-PRODUCTIVE Desk Setup - Work From Home Studio 2021 - What's On My Desk Ep. 1 - by EXCESSORIZE ME 

"For me this is some serious nostalgia for anyone who owned a pc in the 90s and had that old school thick boy keyboard"  


The Best iPad Accessories for 2021 - by Canoopsy  

"Basically this is a no compromise mechanical keyboard that's still ultra slim it is kind of like a mini version of the popular Keychron K2 which is pretty much taken over tech youtube but it is a hell of a lot slimmer than K2" 



The Coolest Mechanical Keyboard EVER!? Keychron K3 Review - by TLD{R}eviews

“I've been waiting for this keyboard for over three months ever since it launched on kickstarter back in September and after using it for a few weeks. I gotta say this is a nice keyboard." 



Keychron K2 Hot-swappable Mechanical Keyboard Review - The Perfect Keyboard For macOS - by Kagan

"It is all advantages and no cons so whether you are a windows user or Mac user or even a linux user. Keychron taught about everything that you could possibly need in your mechanical keyboard and they covered all bases, nobody was left behind and every single keyboard user is going to be satisfied."


Keychron K3 Mechanical Keyboard Review ~ One Major Flaw? - by minimalistik 

"I was waiting for Keychron's very own K3 it has a nice compact form factor that's smaller than the K1. It features an aluminum body but more importantly, it comes loaded with hot swappable optical switches with cherry mx compatible stems."