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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - April 2021

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - April 2021

Caroline Wong |

Keychron K3 Wireless Keyboard Review: Compact With Compromises - by Jon Porter @TheVerge Apr 23, 2021


"The Keychron K3 is a feature-packed mechanical keyboard at a reasonable price. It works great over USB-C or wirelessly, and it has a 75 percent layout that covers the keys most people need, as well as a useful selection of function keys on top of that."

"The result is a keyboard with a slim and compact form factor, with a height that sits somewhere between a typical mechanical keyboard and a keyboard with laptop-style switches."

The Best Mechanical Keyboards According to Tech Experts and Custom Keyboard Builders - by Jordan Bowman @NewYorkMagazine Apr 29, 2021


“Using a mechanical keyboard is like playing the bagpipes: great if you’re the person doing it, not so great if you’re anywhere near the person doing it,” says James Lynch, a Strategist contributor who became a mechanical keyboard enthusiast after trying the Keychron K2

"Izza Khan, a tech TikTtoker who runs Izzacodes, says switching from her MacBook keyboard to the Keychron K6 made her “feel like I can type at the speed of light — and get the satisfying clickity sound at the same time.”

Best Keyboard 2021: Ultimate Computer Keyboards for Typing, Gaming, and More - by Mark Knapp @IGN Apr 10, 2021


"The Keychron K4 was our favorite keyboard, but guess what – it got a sequel. The Keychron K4 V2 Wireless keeps the spirit of the original K4 alive by leaving most of the essentials unchanged, including the almost unbeatable starting price of just $69."

"You don’t have to get a thick, clunky keyboard to get the benefits of mechanical key switches. Low-profile, mechanical switches are available, and the Keychron K1 delivers them with aplomb."

The Best ipad Keyboards for 2021 - by Andy Boxall @digitaltrends Apr 19, 2021


"It provides a fast, precise, and pleasurable typing experience that rivals one on the desktop, and it’s still compact enough to carry around."

"Available with either mechanical or optical switches, the typing experience on the Keychron K3 is excellent: It’s responsive, tactile, and precise."

Keychron K1 Mechanical Keyboard Review: Worlds Collide - by Sam Spiller @gearburn Apr 7, 2021


"Keychron basically offers one kind of keyboard throughout its K-range with multiple key-switch types, length, and backlighting variants to choose from."

"Keychron has nailed the ease-of-use factor with the K1. It features wired USB Type-C and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and as mentioned, PC, Mac, and Android compatibility."