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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - March 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - March 2022

Caroline Wong |

Keychron Q2 Keyboard Review After 2 Months - by randomfrankp 

"They just make it very user friendly and I have to say I love what Keychron is doing in the keyboard space giving us these you know almost custom-esque budget builds for under 200."

Holy $#%?! - Keychron K8 Pro Unboxing & Review - by Consumer Tech Review 

“The aluminum version which is the one that I recommend. It is a really well built, really pretty, very good in stock form board. That's why Keychron has really worked on is being really good in stock form and I think that's why they do again here and I would say absolutely it is worth 110 bucks."

I Invented a NEW Keyboard Mod - Featuring Keychron K8 PRO - by keybored 

"I was genuinely surprised by this board. Yes, its an entry level mass pre-built board. It's not supposed to be an enthusiast level board whatsoever, however, it has all the enthusiast features."

$79 ! Keychron K8 PRO Review ! Wireless + VIA + Hotswap . WOW. - by Tap Tap Tien 

"I'll say I think this is the best keyboard under 100 and that's why it's been the most popular wireless mechanical keyboard for the last several years."

I finally get mechanical keyboards...🤯 - by DMS

"I can't see where there's any compromises in this. The most impressive thing to me was the price point because I bought multiple keyboards that cost more than this that do not feel anywhere near as good to use."