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Keychron Keyboard Video Review — June 2021

Keychron Keyboard Video Review — June 2021

Caroline Wong |

Are Mechanical Keyboards Really Worth it? - by Andrew Ethan Zeng June 9, 2021

"I think Keychron keyboards acts as a great gateway into the world of more mechanical keyboards where it gets much more deeper and fanatical than what you are seeing in this video."


Minimal Gaming Desk Setup & Cable Management - by Oliur / UltraLinx May 24 2021

"I've got the Keychron K1 keyboard and I've got the logitech mouse connected up wirelessly to the gaming pc itself now"


Keychron K2 vs K3 in-depth comparison - which is the best minimal mechanical keyboard for you?

"Let's move on the K3 and instantly we can see this much slimmer in profile and its lighter too."


Keychron K3 - All Switches. Pick the Right Switches for Your K3! Typing Sounds All Optical Switches

"So I really hope that helped you determine which switches you're gonna get. So now I'm gonna tell you which I'm gonna keep the white one is really great."

Review and Unboxing - Keychron K4 (Version 2) 96% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard

"I think at 70 dollars USD the Keychron K4 in its base configuration is fantastic value."