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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - July 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - July 2022

Caroline Wong |

The Keychron V1 Bargin - by Hardware Canucks

"The Keychron V1 might be the best 75% keyboard that can be customized right now. The Keychron V1 price is incredible and availability isn't bad at all. This is a keyboard you absolutely need to know about for gaming, typing and more."

I Modded a $54 Keychron to make it GOOD - Keychron V1 - by keybored

“The first of its kind is the V1... it's essentially a entry version of the venerable Q1. But is it any good? Especially for $54? Well... it can be! I show you how to do it!“

The New BUDGET King of 75% keyboards | Keychron V1 Review - by shoobs

"I'm honestly quite happy to see even more beginner and budget-friendly boards like this come out. When I saw the price tag I was like oh my god. It was actually insane and I gotta give props to Keychron for actually providing many features."

Keychron Q8 Alice | Unboxing & Review | Disassemble | Sound Tests - by rice cloud 


I think Its Safe To Call This A Budget Keyboard | Keychron V1 Review - by Clackbait

"The Keychron V1 is a new budget custom mechanical keyboard aimed at the entry consumer. This is a full ABS plastic board that is tray mount. Overall the build quality is really nice for $54 (barebones), and the typing experience is nothing special."