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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - January 2023

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - January 2023

Caroline Wong |

Keychron UPGRADED The Keychron Q1 - by Switch and Click

"The Keychron Q1 Pro wireless works amazing, I was really surprised that I didn't feel any latency at all, and connecting is really easy."

I Tried Over 40 Keyboards Last Year... (So You Don't Have To) - by Hipyo Tech

"Keychron does offer with their Q line of keyboards is a really consistent base to start building your first keyboard off of if you are just getting into custom keyboards or you stumbled upon this video by an accident then Keychron probably has a keyboard that fits your ideal layout."

I Built the QUIETEST Keyboard Again... But The Easier Way! - by Keybored

"The Keychron V5 is truly the easy mod. It actually comes fully built already. The easiest way to go about this is to purchase the fully assembled version for just 89."

Keychron's Most Beautiful Keyboard Yet? - by TAZAKEY 타자키

"This is a prebuilt hotswap keyboard from Keychron with an HHKB-style layout. Unlike the HHKB though, the case is all metal and thus very, very heavy. The finishing on the CNC aluminum case is top-notch, and overall I really enjoyed how the board sounds and feels (after re-lubing the stabilizers). I liked the gasket mount implementation on this board."

Keychron K3 Pro - Low Profile Mechanical Keyboard - by Everyday Tech

"I am liking this keyboard, I like how it's low profile and but yet very premium in build quality and typing feel."