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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - January 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - January 2022

Caroline Wong |

Keychron Q2 Review - Your Next 65% Keyboard - by Optimum Tech

“You know now we have boards like this you know high quality pretty decent pricing and actually pretty decent accessibility as well so this is Keychron Q2."

Review: Keychron Q2 mechanical keyboard - by 9to5Mac

"Keychron Q2 is a 65% layout keyboard with an all aluminum build and USB-C connectivity. It feature customizable RGB backlighting, swappable key switches and key caps, a programmable control knob that can be used to adjust volume, brightness, or virtually anything else, programmable macros, and more."

You don't NEED to mod this keyboard.... but you should. - by Hipyo Tech

"If you are an average gamer just want a keyboard and don't want to do anything to it then this is probably it I mean listen to this. This is totally thock!"

Keychron Q2 Review - The BEST $169 Custom Mechanical? - by Lewis Toh

"From all that I think they did a wonderful job after the Q1. The gasket mount is actually really flexible it is a really nice typing experience it has all the base features you need."

 Keychron Q2 - Hold onto your KNOBS! - by BadSeed Tech

"So Keychron is back with the Q2. And they've added a knob, and made some tweaks. All good stuff. Never get tired of brands listening to feedback and implementing it - in this case, VERY quickly. The world of 65% boards is definitely heating up. See if the Q2 is right for you."