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Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2022

Keychron Keyboard Video Review - February 2022

Caroline Wong |

KEYCHRON Does it AGAIN! Keychron Q2 Review + Modding - by Keybored

"Keychron really did take what they learned from the Q1 and made sure the Q2 is a more refined board biggest difference is that the Q2's usability out of the box is actually better as you have heard."

The Easiest Custom Keyboard To Build | Keychron Q2 Review - by Shoobs

“I just want to say that the stock stabs on this board is actually pretty good here. I think this is probably one of the best stock stabs I‘ve tried."

they ALMOST fixed everything - by Andy V Nguyen

“They are already working on a Q3 and it's almost ready to go that's what you want to see in a niche that's rapidly growing it's really hard for these smaller designers to keep up with the demand from all the people coming into the hobby."

Keychron Learned! ~ Q2 Mechanical Keyboard Review - by minimalistik 

"I can easily recommend the Q2 for most people as it takes the vast majority of the boxes one would want in a premium 65 keyboard especially on a budget."

Keychron Q2 - 100% Honest Review - by Consumer Tech Review

"So all this being said is the Keychron Q2 worth the 180 or 190 price tag, I would say at this point, yes if you want a 65 metal constructed gasket mounted barebones kit under 200 bucks I do think this is the best option."