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Keychron Keyboard Article Review - October 2021

Keychron Keyboard Article Review - October 2021

Caroline Wong |

Credit to @ yutatsukaoka
"The low-profile design takes some getting used to (definitely get a wrist rest of some kind if you can), but overall it’s an affordable, well-built, and compact mechanical keyboard."
"The Keychron K7 is pretty versatile like that. If you’re looking for a low-profile, wireless, 65 percent mechanical keyboard that’s hot-swappable, the Keychron K7 is the only one I’ve seen that checks all those boxes."
Credit to  @mr.atton
“The slim, compact mechanical keyboard is a 75% size, meaning it doesn't have a 10-key number pad but still has function and directional keys. The body, which is made from aluminum on top and a plastic on the bottom, is lightweight and sturdy."
"The keyboard is available with Keychron's own low-profile optical mechanical switches -- brown tactile, blue clicky or red linear -- with a white LED backlight or Gateron low-profile mechanical switches with an RGB backlight."

"This comes in the form of the Keychron K14, a 70% sized keyboard. For those unfamiliar, the 70% form factor essentially removes the numpad from the keyboard as well as some of the extra function keys, but for the most part it will retain the core keys like the function row, navigation, and the alphabets and numbers."
"The K14 will feature Bluetooth connectivity and can connect up to three devices. It is also hot-swappable which means that you can easily pull out the switches and put in new ones without having to solder or desolder."

Credit to  @thexumystery
"All of that is on top of the fact that the Q1 is fully customizable with color options for the aluminum base, choice of switches, keycaps and much more."
"I can’t say enough about the build quality of this keyboard, not to mention the performance and the value as a result. As I mentioned at the top of the review, we were already Keychron fans, but the Q1 is on an entirely different level than any of their other keyboards."

"Mechanical keyboard outfit Keychron is out with a new offering in the form of the K14 — a new 70% mechanical keyboard that offers Bluetooth support, USB-C connectivity, and more."
"Those looking for LED backlights and hot-swappable key switches are also in luck, although both are optional extras. The standard option starts at $49 and can be ordered on Kickstarter right now."