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About Our Brand Name + Giveaway!

About Our Brand Name + Giveaway!

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Thanks for showing all the support to K1 Keyboard! As we mentioned before, we’ve changed our brand name from Keytron to Keychron.


Due to our successful crowdfunding campaign, our team has decided to build upon the Keytron brand and officially register it in the US. However, as we were told, the name “Keytron” cannot be registered because it is too similar to another brand name in the same category.


Regardless of the brand name we use, our passion to create the best keyboard for you will always remain unstoppable. We’ve switched our registered domain from to We also submitted a trademark for registering the Keychron in the US.


Your support means the world to us. We’d like to invite you to fill up a short survey so we can formally collect your opinion about how we are doing. Survey link here.


We will give away a free K1 keyboard as a reward to your survey response. The lucky winner can choose whatever the version he/she wants.


PS: If you want to get the latest K1 keyboard firmware, please join our Facebook user group here to check out more details.


Thank you,

Keychron Team